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For all who dare to dream.

An illustrated project, 

A whimsy,quirky, fantasy  children characters, gathered in this cute  art book.

Each one of them is special and one of a kind ;

Appearance, outfit,hobbies, and personality.


Hard cover booklet 

14 X 14 cm.

68 pages 

Printed on high quality  paper.


Ships in 6-8 days after receiving payment.

Packed and reinforced carefully.


Curious and enchanting art books.

Exploring wonderlands and fictional characters.

Worlds of imaginative art projects and illustrations,

Wrote ,designed and illustrated by me.

Carefully selected the best papers and materials.






    100.00 ₪Price
    ANCOR 1

    *All artworks and prints are shipped unframed, 

    in a flat and reinforced envelope with cardboard backing.

    *Ships in 6-8 days after receiving payment.

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