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A warm welcome to my art world where you can find illustrations, books, limited edition prints and other treasures .

If you like imaginative art, whimsical and sometimes humorous.

If you drawn to magical worlds and cute creatures.

If you love detailed artworks in water colors ,quirky narratives, all inspired by nature, ancient mythologies, folk art, fairy tales, science fiction and fantasy worlds-

You reached the right place.

I'm Sigal ,an artist and a freelance illustrator,

based in ISRAEL in  Zichron Yaakov a  village on the slopes of mount Carmel .

I love observing nature, hiking and swimming in the open sea.

Thank you for your visit and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, collaboration suggestions or just say hello.

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1. MERIT award iGUNGLE magazine 2018 [ published catalogue].

2.ISRAEL IWS [ International water color society] 3rd place 2019 .

3.Fabriano in Acquarello 2020 selected artist for the exhibition in ITALY [ Published catalogue]. 

4.Honorable Mention winner 3X3 ILLUSTRATION , books category annual 2020 [ Published catalogue].

5.Brightness illustration award, Teenager's book category 2020.

6. First place winning the PARDES PUBLISHING illustration competition for Evolution by Alex Epstein 2021.

7.Merit award Three X Three international illustration award 2021 [ Published catalogue].

8. GRAND PRIX winner of the JIA [Japan Illustrators Association] 2022 .[Published catalogue].

9.Selected illustration of the Chetenham Illustration award 'Digging deep' 2022.[ Published catalogue].

10.Honored to be a judge on the JIA illustration award competition 2023. My award winning works were chosen to be the key visual for the exhibition.

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