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Meanwhile on PROXIMA-b

Meanwhile on PROXIMA-b

"Meanwhile on PROXIMA-b"

A woldless colorfull picture book. 

The nerrative is about a far away planet, rich and undisturb nature .

It is a voyage through landscapes on the planet , very imaginative an vibrant.

Raising questions about ecology and relationship between man and nature. 

For children and adults .

29cmx 29cm

Hard cover

beautifull silk chromo paper. 


Curious and enchanting art books.

Exploring wonderlands and fictional characters.

Worlds of imaginative art projects and illustrations,

Wrote ,designed and illustrated by me.

Carefully selected the best papers and materials.


    140.00 ₪ Regular Price
    119.00 ₪Sale Price
    Out of Stock
    ANCOR 1

    *All artworks and prints are shipped unframed, 

    in a flat and reinforced envelope with cardboard backing.

    *Ships in 6-8 days after receiving payment.

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