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SAAZ-Cute funzine

SAAZ-Cute funzine

One of my cute compact funzines - "THE CREATURES of THE NIGHT"

I wrote and illustrated the text .

For all the pubs and beer lovers,

,cute creatures collectors,

 for the creatures of the night,

and for the ones who know that there is more than meets the eyes ,out there.


Size; 10X7 cm.

  9 pages ,full colors ,printed on high quality 120 gr. paper.

Ships in 6-8 days after receiving payment.

Packed in a  reinforced   envelope.


    50.00 ₪Price
    ANCOR 1

    *All artworks and prints are shipped unframed, 

    in a flat and reinforced envelope with cardboard backing.

    *Ships in 6-8 days after receiving payment.

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